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Annabelle: Creation How Does It Start

The movie Annabelle: Creation is the prequel to the 2014’s horror movie Annabelle. Although this is the second film that focuses on the possessed doll Annabelle, it is actually the fourth installment of The Conjuring series. It is directed by David F. Sandberg and written by Gary Dauberman. The movie is starred by Stephanie Sigman, Talitha Baterman, Anthony LaPaglia, and Miranda Otto and is driven to uncover how the story of Annabelle, the possessed doll began.

The story of the possessed doll started during 1943 when the couple Samuel Mullins, the toymaker, and Esther was grieving for the loss of their daughter Annabelle who was found dead after being run over by a passing car. An unknown entity has been circling the couple which led them to believe that it was their daughter and it convinced them to transfer its essence to one of the creations of the husband which was a crafted porcelain doll. However, after some time, they have realized that they were being played and that the spirit that had persuaded them was a demon who was looking for a human host. They den took the doll to their deceased daughter’s room, locked it inside the closet covered with pages from the Bible and had a priest to bless the entire house.

During 1955, approximately 12 years after, the couple was very happy to host a nun and six girls that have been left homeless after closing an orphanage. During the first night, one orphan named Janice awakened, sneaked into the bedroom of Bee or Annabelle, and found the key to the closet where the doll was. This signaled the start of the demon’s intent to terrorize the girls which have developed and displayed a different kind of interest towards the child that freed it from the closet, Janice.